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Nutrapathic Organic Agricultural Products were the first of their kind in this industry. These products have been the leader in the industry for over 13 years! Whether you're a backyard gardener, or a large-scale farmer, Nutrapathic Organic Agricultural products can bring your success to a new level! To increase your yields and lower your input costs, read about our OMRI listed "Nutrapathic Soil Restore with Mycorrhizal Stimulants" & "Nutrapathic Liquid Bacteria Concentrate" at our new site (coming soon).

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We only ship orders in the U.S. Free shipping on orders over $35. You may send us a check or money order. If you wish to pay by money order or check, mail your payment along with your name, address, phone number and order description to: Parametric Associates, Inc. 10934 Lin-Valle Dr. St. Louis, MO 63123. (Note: By sending a check, your product may take longer to arrive than the normal delivery time). Expedited delivery is available at customers additional cost.

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